Intro to our Experience!

Hello, and welcome to our official documentation of our adventures through Central Europe! It might be helpful to know why we are here and what we are doing— why are grizzlies in Europe? What’s the Course? Great question! Every year, the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Montana offers this incredible course, Propaganda in Context: Nazis and the GDR. This course, worth a … Continue reading Intro to our Experience!

God & Beer (2 Brew Reviews)

After my disappointment in German beer, I was worried that this beer blogging would be a wash. I decided to keep trying anyway. We were in a new country, after all! But during our tour of Warsaw, I realized how conservative the country was. Poland is extremely religious. According to our tour guide, 97% of Poland is baptize as Roman Catholic and 94% of people … Continue reading God & Beer (2 Brew Reviews)