Intro to our Experience!

Hello, and welcome to our official documentation of our adventures through Central Europe! It might be helpful to know why we are here and what we are doing— why are grizzlies in Europe? What’s the Course? Great question! Every year, the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Montana offers this incredible course, Propaganda in Context: Nazis and the GDR. This course, worth a … Continue reading Intro to our Experience!

God & Beer (2 Brew Reviews)

After my disappointment in German beer, I was worried that this beer blogging would be a wash. I decided to keep trying anyway. We were in a new country, after all! But during our tour of Warsaw, I realized how conservative the country was. Poland is extremely religious. According to our tour guide, 97% of Poland is baptize as Roman Catholic and 94% of people … Continue reading God & Beer (2 Brew Reviews)

Synagogues in Prague

The beautiful city of Prague is home to many different synagogues. The city of Prague is home to some of the oldest synagogues in Europe and today our group was able to visit some of the most prolific ones in Prague. The first place that we stopped on our tour was the Old New Synagogue. Here we learned about the history of the oldest synagogues that … Continue reading Synagogues in Prague

Concentration Camp Classification: They Would Have Come for Me Too

Sometimes when people see horrific things happen, they walk away and pretend they saw nothing. This sort of self-preservation reigns as a popular mode of function today in capitalist societies. All too often, people think, “why should I worry if it doesn’t affect me?” Well, the pain of others does affect you whether or not you would like to admit it. Perhaps more urgent is … Continue reading Concentration Camp Classification: They Would Have Come for Me Too

Interview with Andrea (our tour guide)

Andrea did an amazing job of giving us a tour on our trip. I felt that she would have a great perspective on different cultural experiences between American and European culture. She was kind enough to sit down with me and discuss a few different topics. Q: #1 What is the biggest cultural diversity you see between American culture and yours (German)? A: “I have … Continue reading Interview with Andrea (our tour guide)

Architecture in Central Europe

Some of the most prominent artwork throughout this exploration of Central Europe has been the outstanding architecture in every city. In contrast to the young, dynamic street art present in many of the cities, much of the European architecture is quite old, and showcases historic themes of religion, memorial, and a Roman aesthetic. Notably, most of the architecture is embodied through entire buildings in Munich, … Continue reading Architecture in Central Europe

Reflections on the Stasi Museum

The Stasi were the secret police of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) from 1949 through 1989. Technically “Stasi” is the nickname for the Ministry of State Security. While they maintained the security of the entire GDR, they were very secretive about their means of gathering information. In fact, they are considered to be the most successful and the most repressive intelligence agencies to have ever … Continue reading Reflections on the Stasi Museum

Warsaw Ghetto: Warsaw, Poland

Today we took a walking tour through what once was the Warsaw Ghetto. This was a small, walled area of Warsaw, where all Jewish people were crammed in together. They battled poverty, disease, starvation, and murder within the walls of the Ghetto. During the uprising in 1943, nearly all of the structures in Warsaw were destroyed, and most of its inhabitants dead. Today, numerous memorials … Continue reading Warsaw Ghetto: Warsaw, Poland